What is an Owners Corporation? 

An owner’s corporation manages the common property of a residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed-use property development.

If you own property affected by an Owners Corporation then you become a member of that Owners Corporation automatically. As a member, you have legal and financial responsibilities to the Owners Corporation.

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Ludeman Real Estate is your local registered Owners Corporation Manager 

So why choose us to manager your Owners Corporation?

  • Our company, as managers of Owners Corporations, are covered by Indemnity insurance and we are registered with the Business Licensing Authority.

  • We will arrange the correct coverage of Owners Corporation Insurance, ensuring we acquire competitive quotes to make sure the Owners Corporation is receiving the best deal.

  • All finances are managed in our secure trust account with Owners receiving a financial statement each year.

  • Annual General Meeting are scheduled and held in our office each year for Owners to attend.

  • We handle all communal ground maintenance, liaising with trades and owners.  

Management Costs 

If you would like to discuss our fees & services for the management of an Owners Corporation you are involved in please get in touch with our office on (03) 5561 2111